State Adviser: Ku’ran competition helps to strengthen the belief of youth

On February 6th, Kakhramon Kuronboyev, President’s Adviser, Senator of Oliy Majlis, Chairman of Uzbekistan Youth Union held online dialogue at “Youth Press Club”.

During the discussion Kakhramon Kuronboyev expressed his view about the development on religious-enlightenment sphere as well as Uzbekistan Kuran Competition which consists of three stages.

State Adviser noted the following: “I have to say openly one thing. Today we are watching Kuran Competition on mass media. The event is being held jointly with Committee of Religious Affairs under Cabinet of Ministers, Muslim Board of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Youth Union and Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment. This has never happened before.”

Besides, the leader of Uzbekistan Youth Union underlined that the main purpose of holding the Kur’an Competition is to strengthen the belief of young people. He also mentioned that it is planned to hold Khadith competition in future.


Press Service,

Muslim Board of Uzbekistan

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