Researchers from Uzbekistan visit French libraries.

A group of scholars in oriental and Islamic studies visited National Library of France and the Languages and Civilization Library of France in Paris in order to introduce French cultural circles with a wide range of developments in Uzbekistan reports UzA.

The main purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the activity of libraries in France, preservation of rare manuscripts of our ancestors and establish partnership among the institutions. It is worth noting that Languages and Civilization Library is unique in France which has a department for Central Asian documents. The library has manuscripts, rare books and research works in more than 350 languages from around 180 countries. More than hundred students, researchers and guests visit the library daily.

The sides agreed on exchange of specialists and presentation of books published in Uzbekistan which was held the same day at the library where 15 books published by Imam Bukhari International scientific-research center was shown. The Uzbek delegation felt proud to hear Mr. Benjamin Gishar’s acknowledgment that Uzbekistan stood out among Central Asian countries with its rich scientific potential. He also mentioned that Imam Bukhari’s XVII century “Sahihi Bukhari”, Ibn Sina’s “The Laws of Treatment”, Mirzo Ulugbek’s “Ziji jadidi Kuragoni”, Mahmud Zamahshariy’s “Mukaddamatul adab” were among the true treasures of the libarary and in that respect French part was willing to cooperate with Uzbek specialists to study the manuscripts.

During the talks held in the National Library of France which has 31 million books it was concluded that specialists from Imam Bukhari International Research Center and The Center for Islamic Civilization in Uzbekistan would be given access to the manuscripts in order to get copies from VIII-XI centuries Qur’an, Imam Bukhari, Khorezmi, Beruniy and Fergani’s works in Arabic and Latin languages. Within the framework of “Cultural Employee” program two practitioners from Uzbekistan would be admitted for manuscript digitalization specialization.

Press Service,

Muslim Board of Uzbekistan

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